EOSG 7+ Pet Trainer (120ml)

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Perfect solution to train and encouraged pets where to potty and urinate in a specific area of your choice. Ingredient create scents that imitate smell of pet feces to promotes proper potty habits and develop the habit of excretion at a fixed point. Quick training and reduces house training time when used as directed. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor.

- Shake well and spray product in a fix positioned, where you want your pet to urinate.
- Let the pet to sniff the scent.
- Continue the training process by re-applying the product and taking your pet back to the spot frequently, especially after eating, drinking, playing or napping.
- Praise your pet and reward it with food when it performs.
- Often repeat this action; the pet will understand that there is the designated toilet location.

Do not spray directly on pet. Tighten the cap after use. Avoid contact with eyes. Do not swallow. Keep the product out of the reach of children. Training efficiency is different, please persist. 
In the Box 1 x EOSG 7+ Pet Trainer (120ml)
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