• Eubos Dermal Balsam 200ml

Eubos Dermal Balsam 200ml

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EUBOS Dermal Balsam (2 in one bundle)

Packing : 200ml / bottle

Product Description 

- EUBOS Dermal Balsam quickly provides the skin with a noticeably pleasant fresh feeling, leaving it with a silky-soft touch. When using after sunbathing, the skin becomes cool and noticeably relaxed - thanks to our numerous nurturing agents. Regular use of EUBOS Dermal Balsam has a balancing effect on the skin's lipid and moisture content, increases its suppleness and protects it from dehydration.

- EUBOS DERMA BALSAM Moisturizing Body Lotion for normal skin. For daily mild care of face and whole body. Provides the skin with moisture and valuable lipids. Refreshes and relaxes the skin appreciably. Is immediately absorbed, does not shine nor stick, Prevent drying out, thus supporting the skin’s equilibrium (biosphere). Also suited to sensitive skin.

- The main active ingredients: Allantoin, Panthenol, Vitamin E and Jojoba Oil has a calming and healing effect, soothes irritations and smoothens rough and chapped skin, improves the moisture-retaining capacity of skin, promotes its elasticity and has an irritation  and inflammation inhibiting effect. Prevent premature wrinkle caused by free radicals, improves lipid and moisture content of skin and makes it smooth and supple.       

- Paraben-FREE / PEG-FREE / Colourant-FREE / Lanolin-FREE / Contains No Mineral Oils

What's in the box 1 x Eubos Dermal Balsam 200ml / bottle
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