E-Clean Fruit and Vegetable Cleaner - 20 Packet x 15g

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What is E-Clean :- 

This is a high-active,well-refined and  ionized calsium powder derived from natural ark shells and safe for the human body, which are collected from the clean southern coastal area of Korea,hygiencally washed, grinded, plasticized at over 1,400'C and decomposed in high-voltage electric field, using Korea unique patented method.

Particularly, When this safe, non-toxic,ionized and high-active calcium powder is used incleaning fruit -vegetable-fish,with superior cleaning ability of Ca++ and OH~ it thoroughly removes bacteria and other microorganism - preservatives-wax-insecticides-harmful chemicals including various pesticides-environmental hormones-food poisoning bacteria remaining on the surface of food materials.

Since only the positive ions including calcium are activated at this "E Clean",it is very useful for sterilization or disinfection. So, it can be used to maintain the clearnliness of kitchen appliances and machines including knife.- chopping board - kitchen cloth - work-top - sink - refrigerator for the food processing companies, which are teaming with many bacteria.  It is also good to sterilize children's toys that are difficult to wash. And the solutions thrown away after used don't cause pollution of nature and also play a role in remoing adors from the food garbage - sink - bathroom - shoe rack - drain pipes. "E-Clean" is totally different frim existing chemical sterilizers widely used but harmful to human body.

How To Used :-

Dilute one bag (1.5g) of "E-Clean with 2-3 Liter of water and mix well. Presoak fruit - vegetable - fish - meat in this diluted solution of "E-Clean" for 3-5 minutes, which allows many pollutants to get out of the surface of food.

After presoaking ,take fruit - vegetable out of the solutions and eat directly or rinse with clean water. You can keep or cook the presoaked fish or meat.

You can adjust the presoaking time - adding amount, depending upon tissue softness of food materials,as follows.

What's in the box 1 x 20 Packet x 15g E-Clean Fruit and Vegetable Cleaner
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